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Mythborn 2 Plot Review

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New Cover Art!

Amazing new cover by Lei Jin and Na Sun! They rock! Hope you like it 🙂


Latest Preview Posted!


As we prepare for the launch of my first novel, I thought it would be nice to put up the latest preview. You can download it here:

My editor also posted an endorsement, which you can check out on my page. The manuscript is fully edited and we are heading towards a launch date!

Thank you for your support!



V. Lakshman

Dec 2012

2nd review has been posted!

You can read it here:

Or read it below…

Review of Mythborn, Fate of the Sovereign, by Michelle Maxon

Hi All,
First, a disclaimer: I am one of the editors who helped go through and polish the book. Second, I am NOT a fantasy fan. These two are important things to remember when you read my review.

I was skeptical when I first started reading the book. Here I was, ready to edit a novel based on a fantasy, created by a video games developer from Harvard! Not quite the recipe for the next Dostoevsky. With trepidation on the first day I decided to give two hours to proofread some 25 pages, as a sample of my work and also to figure out, if I can get through the book or not.. I submitted 70 pages on that day! I just couldn’t stop reading. I was transported to a magical world, which was so easy to relate to, as the characters were so realistic. After that I looked forward to the days editing, everyday. I couldn’t wait to get away from my everyday worries, and get completely immersed in the beautiful world of Edyn. 

For an avid reader like me, it is important that I relate to the characters of the book that I’m reading, I have to feel their pain, their happiness, their anguish, their dilemmas, feel guilty for their mistakes and celebrate their achievements. I got all that and more in this book. The characters are so beautifully fleshed out in this narrative, that at no point can you be sure of what’s coming next. There’s always more to a character in this book than meets the eye.. till the very last sentence! One of the best things about the characters drawn by the author is that there is no villain, no character that is pure white or pure black. Everybody is painted in various shades of grey.. yes, EVERYBODY. All of them wrestle with a moral dilemma, and their struggle is so real. They try to achieve a balance between doing what’s right for the world as opposed to doing what they think is right or good for them. This gave the characters a complex depth that I just loved.

The reader is bound to experience each and every dilemma with these deadly monks and feel their anguish when they strive to figure out what to do next, all the while fighting with magic and lethal weapons. At one point I loved Silbane, at another I just couldn’t stop re-reading parts about Jaiden and I felt an instinctive protectiveness towards Arek.

The author spends just enough time on each place and locale to give the reader the flavor, but leaves enough unsaid so that you can finish the setting with your imagination. I really like that. The same can be said of the characters. He describes them, but stays away from specific details, instead leaving that up to us. I found myself ‘casting’ well-known actors and actresses for the various characters in the book and visualizing an entire movie by the end of the book!

The magic is awesome but more importantly I was amazed at the beauty with which every fight sequence was written. I found myself re-reading some fight scenes (something I have never done). There are a lot of twists and turns in the plot, and careful readers will be rewarded because the author does a great job of tying up threads, or being clear which threads are for book 2. I honestly can’t wait for book 2!

I had a small complaint; some of the female characters take until the latter half of the story to come into their own. You can see that they are going to be major forces, but this book sets the stage of a new world, and most of the main players in that are male. Not a huge issue, because, by the end of book 1 I realized that there are some amazing female characters that I can’t wait to read more about. Also, because of the way the author takes us back in flashbacks (called ‘Histories’) to events that are important, we see what actually happened. I really like that, because I get to see the origin of how some of these characters got to where they are, and what makes them that way. It’s an exceptional touch to the book.

I can honestly recommend this book. I always have the choice to not post a review if I thought what was written was bad, but the author here has done an amazing job in creating a world of action, adventure, and intrigue. He has made a fan out of me, and I’m waiting now for book 2 to be finished. I can’t wait to see what happens next! 


First Review In!!!

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Winners will hear by March 3rd and receive their copies shortly thereafter. Stay tuned, the next drawing will be held March 15th at noon, east coast time. Email to enter!

Thanks everyone!!!

V. Lakshman

About Me…

My background from a lifetime in the martial arts (over 18,000 hours of training) and having to be creative for games I hope has served me well in the writing of my first novel. It’s amazing how all the things you thought were just ‘things’ in your life end up being the pillars upon which you build a world.

I’m never sure if what I do is going to turn out okay, but I think we can only try our best. Here’s a list of the titles I’ve been involved in, and some skills that might have been relevant to writing Mythborn.


Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

Asheron’s Call: Legions

Asheron’s Call: Throne of Destiny

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Animal Jam – Kid’s Virtual World


Console Products

Fellowship of the Ring

Crash Bandicoot                 (PS2, XBOX, GBA)

Crash Bandicoot II            (PS2, XBOX, GBA)

Spyro the Dragon               (PS2, XBOX, GC, GBA)

Spyro the Dragon II          (GBA)

Spyro the Dragon III         (GBA)

The Thing                               (PS2, XBOX, PC)

The Mummy Returns        (PS2, XBOX)

Scorpion King                      (PS2, XBOX, GBA)

CrashBash                              (PSOne)

Kid Monsters                        (PSOne, GBA)

Mace Griffin                           (PS2, XBOX)

Herod’s Lost Tomb             (iPhone)

Plan It Green                         (iPhone)

Kingdom of the Blue Whale (iPhone)

Spot It!                                     (iPhone)

Jumble                                     (iPhone)

Afrika                                       (PS3)

NatGeo Quiz!                         (PS3, 360, Wii)

Build It Green                       (Casual, iOS)

Kingdom of the Blue Whale (iPad)



The Elder Scrolls: Arena

Thief (developed as ‘Dark Camelot’)

TerraNova: Strike Force Centauri

Flight Unlimited II


Sword of Sodan (Mac)

NCAA: Road to the Final Four

Wayne Gretzky Hockey II

Wayne Gretzky Hockey III

Hockey League Simulator

Hockey League Simulator II

Terminator 2029

Terminator 2029: Operation Scour

Terminator II: Rampage


British Open Golf

War of the Ring

Shadows of Mordor

Lipton Puzzle / Jigsaw

NatGeo Quiz2 (PS3, 360, Wii)

Great Migrations (Casual, iOS)


Casual Games

National Geographic’s Panda     (DS)


Lilly Wu Mystery NG Traveler: Italy

Salem Witches

Herod’s Lost Tomb

Sudoku Traveler: China

Plan It Green                             (PC, Flash, Mac)

Lost City of Z                             (PC, Mac, Flash)

Cleopatra                                   (PC, Mac, Flash)

EcoRescue Rivers                     (PC, Flash)

Ghost Fleet                               (PC, Flash)

RBC Rescue                              (Flash)

Dogtown                                    (PC, Mac, Flash)



  • 3rd degree black belt, hard style karate
  • Karate – 25 years (Tong Leong Gwo Shu Goan)
  • Kendo – 15 years
  • Jujitsu – 10 years (Tsee Way Kuen)
  • Total of over 18,000 hours of combat training
  • Certified instructor
  • Certified judge
  • ‘Rookie of the Year’ in 1992, black belt full contact division. Nationally ranked #2 in 1993. Regrouped, then nationally ranked #1 in 1994.
  • Engaged in over 1,200 professional and unknown (several thousand) sparring bouts against the best fighters in the world.
  • Lucky (very)


Other, other…

  • Accepted to and graduated from the Harvard Business School’s executive management program (GMP) in 2006.
  • Featured speaker – Profiles in Success:
  • Featured speaker on Radio Destiny’s 2008 ‘Entrepreneur Top 100’ radio show.
  • Featured speaker at 2009 TEG (The Entrepreneur Group) networking event.
  • Producer of the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon franchises on next generation consoles
  • Speaker GDC 2002 – “What Hot Publishers Are Looking For…”
  • Speaker E3 2001 – “Creating and Managing Mega-Franchises”
  • Lead Designer of the Elder Scrolls: Arena, multiple winner of the ‘RPG of the Year’ award
  • 1992 and 1994 – Ranked ‘Rookie of the Year’ and then ranked #1 in the U.S. by the North American Sport Karate Association respectively.



Harvard Business School (2006) 

Cambridge, MA 02445

The General Manager Program


George Washington University (1990)

Washington, D.C. 20007

Business & Information Technology

Minors: Psychology, Sociology, Creative Writing (really!)



As promised, a new preview (60 pages!)


I’ve gotten a lot of mail asking me to release more of the novel. I’m dying to share it, so why not?

IF you like the preview, please consider posting a positive review.

Regardless, thank you for your support and help in making this an awesome book launch!




READ THE PREVIEW HERE: Mythborn Preview or or

I know, lotsa choices… but I want you to be able to read it!

My Mapmaker

The world map was created by fantasy cartographer Ralf Schemmann. To see more of his work, visit

He is seriously talented, see for yourself. Have a look at the map he created for Mythborn here

New Map of World!

Folks, my fabulous mapmaker, Ralf Schemmann, just sent me the final map files. You’ll note that the world’s name has finally been revealed. It’s Edyn, and there’s a whole story behind that too! Stay tuned!













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