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Preview Book 2 Posted!


300_486_blackflameI’m posting a new preview for you. It is a chapter from Book 2.


Click this link: Book 2 Preview


Hope you like it!


V. Lakshman



Latest Preview Posted!


As we prepare for the launch of my first novel, I thought it would be nice to put up the latest preview. You can download it here:

My editor also posted an endorsement, which you can check out on my page. The manuscript is fully edited and we are heading towards a launch date!

Thank you for your support!



V. Lakshman

Dec 2012

1st Contest Winners Chosen! (get a free Review Edition!)


Winners will hear by March 3rd and receive their copies shortly thereafter. Stay tuned, the next drawing will be held March 15th at noon, east coast time. Email to enter!

Thanks everyone!!!

V. Lakshman

As promised, a new preview (60 pages!)


I’ve gotten a lot of mail asking me to release more of the novel. I’m dying to share it, so why not?

IF you like the preview, please consider posting a positive review.

Regardless, thank you for your support and help in making this an awesome book launch!




READ THE PREVIEW HERE: Mythborn Preview or or

I know, lotsa choices… but I want you to be able to read it!

Free Review Edition!


We’re quickly approaching my book’s launch date. To have the best launch ever, I need some reviews of my book, and therefore you win!

On March 1st and March 15th, I’m going to randomly select 10 people to get a FREE COPY of my book!

All I ask, is that if you get a free copy, you agree to write a review and send it back to the address I’ll provide.

To be included in the random drawing on 3/1 and 3/15, please fill in the contact form below!

That’s it. If you’re drawn, you’ll get a PDF version of my book, for free. Your feedback and comments are welcome!



V. Lakshman

Feb 2012