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Mythborn 2: Bane of the Warforged has launched on Amazon. Get your copy today!


Author at the IPPY Awards!

Silver Medal for Mythborn

Silver Medal for Mythborn


Here’s a shot of Mythborn receiving the Silver Medal at the IPPYs. Hope everyone is excited and looking forward to Mythborn 2!


V. Lakshman

SEMI-FINALIST! 2014 Best Kindle Book Awards Sci-Fi / Fantasy


2014 Best Kindle Book Award Sci-Fi / Fantasy


Mythborn just made it to the Semifinals for ‘Best Kindle Book Awards’ in the Sci-Fi / Fantasy category on the New Kindle Book Review site! Finalists will be announced in September 2014. Great news!


-V. Lakshman

July 2014

2014 IPPY Silver Medal – Best Fantasy E-Book!

ippy_silvermedal_LRvjtransWhoo Hoo! Please give Mythborn a try on! Click here.


MYTHBORN wins 2014 Silver Medal IPPY Award!

Thank You! Recent Review…

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very solid, complex debut novel January 23, 2014
By Mark
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
The promotional copy is entirely correct: This is not a carbon copy fantasy novel, and the characters are complex. I think I read to page three and had to put the book down to digest what had just happened. I’ll grant you that there are dwarves and elves, but they are not clones of anyone elses; they’re organic to this world. And every character is refreshingly complex; every character takes action based on their individual knowledge, motiviations and predjudices. The plot emerges from the actions & motivations of the characters and the situation, not the other way around. The characters are also sympathetic; I care about what happens to them. Some of them I don’t like, but I sympathize with them, and I care about what happens next.

One other comment I’d make; the author is very clearly a martial artist; budo informs the entire novel, which I think improves the quality of the plotting. The author understands conflict and uses conflict to drive the plot. (He benefits by comparison with other martial artist authors). Budo doesn’t take center stage, but a practitioner of budo will appreciate the book a bit more than someone who lacks the expertise.

The book is ambitious, and fairly dense. I nromally devour books, and I could only manage a few chapters a night; the complexity of the characters and the plot means that I had to bring more attention to this book than I do to others.

Surprisingly solid book from a freshman author. I’m ready for the next book, mostly because I can’t predict what will happen.

UPDATE: I feel I should update my review. As I finished this review, I was reading several other books concurrently; I found I kept comparing the other authors characterization to Mr. Lakshman’s, and the other authors were suffering by comparison. I wound up abandoning one of the novels halfway through because it just didn’t measure up. I finished the other novel (by a well known author who has a dozen or so publications under his name), but I kept asking myself why the characters in that novel weren’t as finely detailed as Mythborn. I’m not sure how to explain the problem but the characters in the _other_ novel did what they did because the plot demanded it. In Mythborn, the characters do what they are motivated to do, and the plot emerges from the conflicts in their perceptions and agendas. Mythborn was by far the more satisfying read.

Mythborn 2 Plot Review

Dear Fans,
Guy Kawasaki recommends that every author ask his fans to help during the creative process. He says ask the community to review the story synopsis and comment on it. I agree, so…

If you’re interested in reading Mythborn 2’s synopsis and are willing to provide feedback, please email me in confidence at

Please put M2 Plot in the subject line.

It would be helpful if those who request the plot summary are reading or have finished Book 1.

Thank you!!!
V. Lakshman

KIRKUS REVIEW (it’s good!)

Kirkus Book Reviews



Debut fantasy novelist Lakshman offers a rousing epic in which supernatural beings threaten the world of their own creators.

Did gods and demons always exist, or did their believers bring them into being? That question springboards this Tolkien-esque tale, which includes plenty of fresh twists. In a threatened world called Edyn, archmages and adepts, including the powerful Silbane Petracles, train in a life-sustaining discipline called the Way. Azrael and Lilyth, an angel and a demon who lead the power-hungry Aeris, gear up to fight them in a looming conflict that will determine the fate of the world. At the center of it all is a student of the Way, Arek Winterthorn—a seemingly innocent young man of unknown, perhaps catastrophic, origin.

The text is deftly written… Lakshman shows a plate spinner’s skill as he smoothly balances the novel’s diverse elements and keeps the action rolling at a fast clip. The author shapes his ambitious, entertaining story with a lengthy menu of familiar genre elements—good and bad mages, anti-magic fanatics, dragons, dwarves and elves. He also includes bloody combat, a sentient sword, feisty princes and princesses, noble kings and warriors, and gates to other planes of existence—and even mixes in concepts from world religions and ancient mythologies. (The author’s descriptions of physical combat, training and strategy have an authenticity that’s reminiscent of Elizabeth Moon’s 1992 masterwork The Deed of Paksenarrion.)

An ambitious, colorful and highly readable fantasy epic. -Kirkus Reviews

Preview Book 2 Posted!


300_486_blackflameI’m posting a new preview for you. It is a chapter from Book 2.


Click this link: Book 2 Preview


Hope you like it!


V. Lakshman



Actual Books!

Wow, folks!

So here are proof copies of the books! Both Whitefire and Blackfire Editions! We’re prepping for launch soon, so stay tuned. You’ll be happy you did!



Mythborn Edition 2


Another Review!

Dragon’s Lair Books: Mythborn Review, by Michael Griffith

First off, 4.5 out of 5. Now to the review, this book was amazing and very refreshing. It is a true epic fantasy in the tradition of Tolkien, Jordan, Feist, and Goodkind. ( I know there are other great Fantasy writers but these are the ones that I am thinking of now.)

The story is deep and encompassing, there are twists and turns around each and every corner, some are predictable others are not. The world is also complex with many facets that make it to where you have to learn and grow as your understanding of the story, the world, and the nature of the world changes.

One thing I did notice about the story is that it takes place in two main locations but that is acceptable as it is the first book of the series and it uses the locations well to build the proper backstory. The story does alternate perspectives, and I believe it does so very well. These changes are either designated by page breaks and follow a scene that clearly indicates a shift in perspective and/or time or they are designated by a new chapter. Both of these serve to progress the story well as they allow the reader to catch up on events from another character’s viewpoint. It also allows the reader to fall in love with certain characters and to begin to despise others.

With that said my favorite character is Arek. I find that I want him to succeed no matter the consequences of his actions to either himself or those that he loves. I also enjoy following Ash and finding out more about him. I have some predictions about him and why he is able to do what he does but I am going to keep that to myself, at least until the next book is released. I don’t care too much for Niall, which is the king’s son. But that is just because he wants to be a warrior, but when given the chance to prove himself he freezes on two different occasions. I hope that his character continues to grow. I also find that I don’t like the Lore Fathers, but I think that comes from the fact that they are manipulators and do not give their underlings the information that they need to survive and thrive.

I truly can’t wait for the next book because there are many question that I hope are answered or at least cleared up a little bit. All in all, I just can’t wait for the next book and I am grateful for being able to read this story!