Basis of Magic

The basis of magic: what do you believe? I snap my fingers and will flame appear? Obviously no, but I wish it were so. The thing is, magic in my world is based on a forgotten science.

If there were a world in which magic worked, there has to be some science behind it. Why? Because even though we, as writers, can write about ‘anything’ – in fantasy, we want to make it ‘real’, we want it to make sense. Sure, you can roll up hit points, THAC0, etc… that’s okay. I grew up on that! But consistent laws, even when something is ‘magical’, is important.

My world obeys laws that we all know and understand. I can name them, but that would take the magic out of the discovery. 🙂 Instead, I have our own legends, based on fact, to guide you. Our world is made up of great minds – Galileo, Newton, Pasteur, Curie, Darwin, Tesla, Aristotle, and of course, Einstein, and they deserve accolade. They are luminaries, building upon our limited understanding by asking the simple question: ‘why?’. I pay homage to this, writing clearly and following laws that provide consistent behavior.

I want a world that has magic but that follows rules. Arthur C. Clarke is quoted in my opening, and it’s true. Why can’t magic, at any level, be the misunderstanding of technology? Think about the world I’ve created. Regardless of the kind of magic, aren’t we all still looking to the horizon, still yearning for the unknown? What legends make up such a world? Who are our Mythborn?

I think that’s what makes writers, write. We see a place within our minds, so much more beautiful than the gray matter that holds that spark. When we unleash it, we hope that lightning strikes twice. If we’re lucky, we paint a place with new sunsets, horizons, and hopefully make others glimpse, if even for just a moment, another Way.

I hope my book accomplishes a small part of this. Regardless, I know you’ll be part of every page we turn together.

We exist. Everything else is just imagination, right?



Feb 2012

10 Things You Won’t See In My Book

1. A bad guy that sits in a big, empty, black castle, wants to kill everyone, for no reason, with one henchman.

2. Characters unwilling to sacrifice someone to achieve their goal.

3. Heroes that are sent on a random quest to ‘save the world’, because they are ‘good’ and it is their destiny. (and given no useful information)

4. Villains who don’t do the obvious, smart thing, when presented the opportunity, because they are ‘bad’, and therefore, must be stupid.

5. Actually, ‘heroes’, and ‘villains’, as archetypes. Everyone has a little of both in them.

6. Characters who do not act in their own self interests, especially when no one is looking.

7. Character who think dying with ‘honor’ is better than living.

8. Typical fantasy races. At least, they are NOT what you think. 😉

9. Motivations for characters that are not explained, and that make no sense, once they are explained.

10. Evil and good. Everyone is ultimately ‘evil’ to someone who wants something else, and ‘good’ to those who are aligned in achieving the same goal.


I’ll put out another ‘top 10’ list soon!


Read the preview! I know you’ll love it.


V. Lakshman