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Mythborn 2: Bane of the Warforged has launched on Amazon. Get your copy today!


Actual Books!

Wow, folks!

So here are proof copies of the books! Both Whitefire and Blackfire Editions! We’re prepping for launch soon, so stay tuned. You’ll be happy you did!



Mythborn Edition 2


New Cover Art!

Amazing new cover by Lei Jin and Na Sun! They rock! Hope you like it 🙂


New Map of World!

Folks, my fabulous mapmaker, Ralf Schemmann, just sent me the final map files. You’ll note that the world’s name has finally been revealed. It’s Edyn, and there’s a whole story behind that too! Stay tuned!













Progression of cover 7/7

Well, here it is, the final cover of the book, in all its glory. Colors got pulled back towards white, and the helmets and eyes of the demon and angel are final. Love the outcome. Hope you do to!

If you like it, check out Lei’s art at:

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Progression of cover 6/7

This one was an experiment with using a different color for the sword’s aura. However, the red and blue now contrasted too much with the green, so we pulled it. Stay tuned for the final cover image tomorrow!

Progression of cover 5/7

This one is so awesome! Note the changes to the helmets and the weapons. After discussing it, we decided that making the helmet faces darker and less distinct added a certain menace to them.

Progression of cover 4/7

This was the first cover that featured the boy with the age and look I wanted, along with armor that better fitted his training. I love the colors and the sunset behind the fortress. Still, the blue was a little overpowering, and the angel and demon faces were still not right… but we’re close! Stay tuned for 5 and 6 tomorrow.

Progression of cover 3/7

Things are starting to shape up. The weapons have gotten better, the fortress is starting to take shape, and the armor is getting closer, but I still wanted to get closer plated armor.

Progression of cover 2/7

You’ll see how much progress happened between versions 1 and 2. I’ll release 3 and 4 tomorrow. In this cover the angel and demon have faces, and you’ll note that their wings have changed. I was worried about the faces being too effeminate, and the boy looked a little too young.