Vijay Lakshman was born in Ottawa, Canada. He spent his early years in Bangkok, Thailand. When he was nine, his father took him to a martial arts exhibition and his life changed forever.


He dedicated the next forty years to mastering the martial arts, his quest taking him from Thailand, across the U.S. and Europe, to Hong Kong and China. In 1991 he earned his black belt and accumulated thousands of hours in the ring, fighting against the best the world had to offer, or at least the best in his immediate vicinity. His true passion however, is writing. Mythborn his first epic fantasy series, and pays homage to a lifetime spent mastering the arts of combat and to his passion for writing fantasy and science fiction.

Vijay has created over eighty-five titles in his career as a video game designer and architect of game-based learning software, but spends his free time entertaining his curiosity. This includes researching almost anything on Google, building aquascapes, and flying (crashing) quadcopters.

His life experiences include graduation from the Harvard Business School’s General Manager Program, forty years of training in karate, sixteen years of close combat grappling, fifteen years of kendo, six years of long-distance cycling, and taking various things in the house apart.

Putting everything back together is the job of a future, better, version of himself – hopefully one with rechargeable batteries.